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Focus Military is so excited to have you here! We can’t wait to get started to work with you. Focus Military partners with Technical Military Professionals, and Industry Experienced Professionals. If you have the appropriate degree/experience, we can open more doors of opportunity for you! Focus Military provides career opportunities that match your skills, education, salary, geographic, and personal expectations. We will also provide you the necessary career information for you to make an informed decision.

We strive to listen and understand you and your family’s needs for your next career move.
If you are getting out of the military it is important for you to register with us not only for helping you find the next career but we have placed many former military people after their first job to get the location or career they originally wanted.

We encourage you to sign up with us and let us know what career path you would like to follow. We will work with you to find you the perfect fit. Feel Free to Call Us for more information! We’re happy to talk to you! 513.779.8393

We Want To Work With You!

We work with all kinds of technical professionals!

  • Technical Enlisted Military, or Former Military with Recent Technical Experience or Education
  • Officers with Technical Degrees or Experience as Navy Nuclear Officers
  • Energy and Power Plant Experienced Professionals
  • Field Service Engineers and Managers

We work with numerous hiring managers and a national network of other recruiters, exponentially increasing your exposure to the job market!

Other Career Seekers We Have Helped

“I was working with six different placement companies, out of which Focus Military was the only one to provide me an opportunity within my stated requirements.”

System Operator Energy Company, Nuclear Electronic Technician – 1st Class

“Focus Military helped me find a great job working as a plant operator.”

Machinist Mate, Second Class (SS)

“Focus Military work hard to put me at ease and gave me true honest answers to my questions. I would rate it one of the best services.”

Co-Generation Plant Supervisor